Current Specials

See Chandler to get your free 2 beach chairs and umbrella set-up

FREE-Two Beach Chairs and One Umbrella Set-up (March-October)

The beach attendant will set-up your beach chairs and umbrella, also ask him about Kayak and Paddle Board rentals.


Check availability at: Airbnb




These policies have been established to maintain a safe and pleasurable environment for all guests

NO SMOKING IN UNIT (Smoking in unit will result in loss of deposit)





Falsified Reservations: Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in or will be evicted.

Check In/Out: Check in is a 3pm. Check out is 10am.  Early arrival is available as possible with prior owner consent.

Balconies: For your own safety: Please do not leave children unattended at any time on the balcony.  Keep balcony doors closed at all times. There are locks on balcony doors. Do not lean on the railing and please do not hang towels on the balcony railing.  It is a felony in the state of FL to throw anything from a high rise building. Lasers and other disruptive devices are not allowed.

Smoking: Unit 508 is a Non-Smoking Unit also no smoking on the balcony.

Parking:    The Association would like us to remind all renters of the 5 mph speed limit on the parking lot.  There are 3 parking options: As you enter the property, the first parking lot entered to the left is for small, low profile vehicles (5’8 or less).  The rear parking lot is for small SUV’s and vehicles under 6′. To enter the building from the garage, enter the door marked “Stairway” and follow the hallway to the elevator.  Exterior parking spaces are for large profile vehicles that will not fit in the garage.

Luggage Carts: Luggage carts are located upon arrival in the front of the building in the unloading zone.  They are also located in the garage hallway on the way to the elevators. Please do NOT bring luggage cart into Unit 508.

Gate Cards: There is 1 Gate Card on Lanyard in the bowl on the entry table.  These will allow you to use the walking and driving gate while you are a guest at Edgewater.

Pool Tags:  There are 4 Pool Tags in the bowl on the entry table.  Please return tags to the bowl upon departure.

TV:  Cable televisions are provided in the unit.  Please keep the remotes next to the television.  Directions for use are in the coffee table book.

Phone:  The phone number at the condo is 850-654-6607.  You will be unable to make long-distance telephone calls from this number.

A/C:    Keep doors closed to prevent A/C from freezing up. Even during cooler weather do not leave the balcony door open. Do not open balcony door while front door is open, this could cause the front door to slam shut and injure a person.

Linens: There are clean linens on the beds.  Pillows, sleeper bedding and extra blankets are in the closet.   Please do not remove linens from the unit. There are beach towels for your use provided in the unit.  They are located above the washer/dryer.

Pool and Hot tub: There are 2 pools and one hot tub and for general use by tenants of Edgewater.  We ask that you abide by the established rules posted by the management company. Children under 12 are not permitted in the hot tub.  Diving or jumping from the water fall area may result in immediate eviction.

Sand & Sunscreen:   Please leave the sand at the beach.  We have a shower wash-off at the bottom of the stairs closest to the beach that you can use to rinse feet and beach toys.  Sand damages floors, showers, and furnishings. Sunscreen stains linens and upholstery. Please use sunscreen at the beach and then shower to remove sunscreen before using linens and upholstered furniture.  Please do not use spray sunscreen in the unit or on the balcony.

Outside Closet: There is a key to the closet that is located just outside the front door. There are various beach toys left by previous guest and available for your use. Please leave all beach toys in the outside closet and be sure to leave the closet key inside the unit when you check out.

Laundry:  There is a washer and dryer located in our unit.  You will need to provide your own laundry supplies (He detergent only please).  Please do not overload the washer and please empty dryer lint basket before each load.

Cleaning:    We do not expect you to clean on your vacation, but we would appreciate your treating our condo with the same respect you treat your home.  If you find that the unit needs a light vacuuming or sweeping, you will find those appliances in the utility closet. Other cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink.  Use 409 Multi Surface Cleaner or Windex Multi Surface Cleaner Vinegar ONLY.

Paper Products:  There is an initial supply of toilet paper and paper towels as well as dishwasher soap and trash bags.  You are responsible for your own paper products after consumption of these initial items in stock.

Beach: Two Beach Chairs and an Umbrella are provided for your use at no charge on the beach.  Check in with the Beach Attendant upon arrival at the beach each day to secure your set up. Additional set-ups, boards and kayaks are available for a fee.  No canopies or tents allowed on the beach.

Fitness Center:  Fitness Center is closed at this time

Fireworks: Use of fireworks on the property or beach is grounds for immediate eviction with no exceptions and no refunds.

Lost Items:  If any items are found and you wish them returned, there will be a $25 service charge in addition to the ups costs.  We will send a Pay Pal request for payment.

Pets:    Renters/Guests are NOT permitted to bring any animals on premises.  Any renter/guest doing so will be evicted with no refund of rent or deposit and may be additionally charged for carpet and furniture cleaning and flea treatment.  There are reputable kennels available in the Destin area. Thank you for your consideration.

Damage:    Accidents happen, but intentional misuse is avoidable.  If you break or damage something, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can keep the damage to a minimum. If you find something damaged upon arrival, please text us a photo of the damage immediately.  We would expect that you would replace an item damaged or broken due to misuse on your part. If something is broken or needs attention, regardless the cause, please notify us immediately.

Edgewater Beach Condominium reserves all rights to evict guests as set forth in Florida Statute 509.141(1).  Edgewater Beach Condominium shall, either orally or in writing, notify the guest that they are required to immediately depart the premises as provided in Florida Statute 509.141(2).

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office shall enforce Edgewater Beach Condominiums rights as provided by Florida Statute 509.141.

PLEASE NOTE:  The following double-starred policies are grounds for immediate eviction with no refund of rent or deposit.  This list is provided in addition to all grounds for immediate eviction specified in Florida Statute 509.141:

**  Underage (under 21) possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises will be grounds for immediate arrest by the Walton County Sheriff’s Department.  This is also grounds for immediate eviction with no refund of rent or deposit.

**   Throwing ANYTHING from balconies or walkways will be grounds for immediate eviction with no refund of rent or deposit.

**  Any destruction of Edgewater Beach Condominium property will result in immediate eviction with no refund of rent or deposit.

** Jumping from waterfall or wall is extremely dangerous and can result in death or paralysis.  Anyone caught jumping or playing on the waterfall or wall will be subject to immediate eviction.

** Crawling from unit to unit on the balcony (East) side of the building will be grounds for immediate eviction with no refund of rent or deposit.

** Renters/Guests are NOT permitted to bring any animals on premises.  Any renter/guest doing so will be evicted with no refund of rent or deposit and will be additionally charged for carpet and furniture cleaning and flea treatment.

**    Fighting, fireworks, water balloons, laser pointers or anything else that may be disruptive or cause injuries to guests are not allowed on Edgewater Beach property.  Any renter/guest that violates these rules will be evicted with no refund of rent or deposit.

** Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. anyone found with repeat violations of this policy will be subject to eviction with no refund of rent or deposit.

** Drones are not permitted on Edgewater property unless prior approval is given by the General Manager.

Neither management nor individual owners are responsible for accidents or injury to the guest or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.  I, the undersigned, guest of Edgewater Beach Condominium Unit 508 agree to abide by the house policies and regulations. I authorize Edgewater Beach and Suzanne Benson, Owner to enter my unit as needed for maintenance and housekeeping issues .  I agree to be responsible for the unit and its contents with the exception of normal wear and tear. I understand that my credit card may be charged or loss of deposit may apply for damages and I agree to be responsible for payment of all attorney fees or collection fees.  If necessary, I agree to be responsible for the actions of my guests. I understand that any infraction of the rules by my guests or myself may result in my party being asked to leave the property, forfeiting advanced rental monies and deposits. I waive and release all rights to refund of rent or deposit in case of eviction.


(applies to your visitors)

*  If you would like to have guests visit you while staying at Edgewater Beach Condominiums you must come to the Front Desk to sign in your guest and pick up additional pool tags.

*  To ensure the comfort of all of our guests the following policies will apply based on the occupancy in the building.  You may have THREE visitors at any time (day time only and not overnight)

*  No Visitors under the age of 18 are allowed to use the Fitness Center.

*  We suggest that you check with the Front Desk on availability prior to inviting visitors.  When building occupancy is high you will not be able to invite guests to the pool or beach.

Please remember to return all gate cards and pool tags to the bowl on the entry table when your guests depart.

Check In / Check Out
Check in time begins at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time following inspection to ensure the property is ready for occupancy.

Check out is no later than 10:00 AM Central Standard Time.

Security is on site after hours